2008-11-12 F-18 FLT scan 新適應症

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來自 University of Wisconsin research team 學者證實:F-18 L thymidine (FLT) 檢查將可以協助醫師確定化療藥物會對哪一群白血病病患有效!進一步協助醫師為病患停掉無效藥,並早日將治療藥物轉換至有效成分!

Doctors using  正子掃描 (PET SCAN)   with the radioactive tracer fluoro-L-thymidine during the first days of treatments were able to identify leukemia patients who would likely respond to chemotherapy, U.S. researchers reported. The scans could help physicians decide whether to discontinue an ineffective regimen and switch to a more effective treatment plan, the lead researcher said.
左圖示癌症患者治療前FLT PET 圖像,中間是治療有反應的病患,右圖是治療沒反應的病患 (圖片來源: Madison (WKOW) -- from UW Health)
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