From Asia to the World: Global Integration of Clinical Research

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這是一個由台大醫院,TAIRB, 以及PAREXL international 所共同舉辦的"立足亞洲,放眼全球",促進臨床研究之整合的論壇。

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Day Two – Friday, July 16, 2010
09:00 ~ 09:30Global Outsourcing Trends Today I: Insourcing or Outsourcing? Cost Efficient Ways of Conducting Clinical Trials
Dr. Karen Chu, Vice President, Project Management, Regional Project Leadership Heads, PAREXEL International
09:30 ~ 10:00Fast Track to Obtaining the Asia Markets: Planning Your Clinical Studies the Efficient Way
Ms. Ammy Chiou, Medical Director, Daiichi Sankyo Taiwan Ltd.
10:00 ~ 10:20Break
10:20 ~ 10:50Global Outsourcing Trends Today II: Collaborative Models for Biopharmaceutical Companies and CROs
Ms. Catherine Lee, Area Head, Clinical Operations-Asia, Pfizer Ltd. Taiwan
10:50 ~ 11:20Panel Discussion – All Session One Presenters
Moderator: Mr. Albert Liou, Corporate Vice President & General Manager, Asia Pacific, PAREXEL International
11:20 ~ 12:00Partnering for Success between Agency and Industry
Dr. Chih-hwa Wallace Lin, Sr. Researcher and Director, Division of Resource Development, Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan
12:00 ~ 13:30Lunch
13:30 ~ 14:00Experience Sharing on FDA Inspections
Ms. Vicki Liao, Director, On Site Monitoring, PAREXEL International
14:00 ~ 14:30A Site’s Experience Sharing on Inspections
Dr. Kun-Ju Lin, Assistant Professor and Director, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Keelong Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
14:30 ~ 15:00Panel Discussion – All Session Two Presenters
Moderator: Dr. Alberto Grignolo, Corporate Vice President, Global Strategy, PAREXEL Consulting
15:00 ~ 15:30Day Two Recap / Event Closing

Market trend on simultaneous global development
eClinical technologies and improving productivity and cost efficiency through its implementation
Early phase drug development trends in Asia
Asia regulatory updates and consideration when building your drug development plans
Global outsourcing trends - Insourcing or outsourcing and how to choose the right fit partner for your appropriate studies
Experience sharing from key opinion leaders and global biopharmaceutical companies on conducting multi-national clinical trials

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